The strategies are different only in the exit criteria. Both strategies enter on rs on the 5 min but exit on different criteria. When rs is lost on the 5 min both approaches may take profits there or if the D1 is still bullish and is set up for a potential swing, you can stay in the position or take partial profits and hold the rest for another move during the day or hold overnight. I mix the 2 exit strategies depending on factors such as potential upside on the daily overall market conditions current profitability.

If the trade is at a loss when the 5 min exit occurs that is when the risk-reward of a recovery intraday or overnight comes into play. The decision is dependent on your risk tolerance and the additional loss that may occur if the price goes below the daily support. If the price is too far extended from the 8 ema on the daily for example I usually will exit for the loss as a pullback toward the 8 ema is likely, if the price is close to daily support I will generally stay in the position

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