This is obviously a very standardized way of doing it, but it is one way knowing you average monthly stats can help you with your trading.  It also shows the important of win rate % on your strategies.  The higher your win rate, the less shares you would need to hit your monthly goals.    You can further think of it using average trades a day.  If you did 20 trades a day, and you need to make $2000 each day, and you win 80% of them, and you did the same risk-reward as above, you would need only 334 shares – (334 * .75 cents for the winners = $250.5, 334 * 1.50 for the losers = $501, and out of 20 trades you won 16 times (80% win rate) which is $250.5 * 16 = $4,008 and you lost 4 times which is $501 * 4 = $2,004), your total at the end of the day is $2,004 – your goal.  
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