@BennyShee and @lilsgymdan these past two days is a perfect microcosm of why trading he can be very challenging.  You can’t predict bottoms, but when it is like this you also can’t blindly go with the trend either.  You can sit on your hands,  but you also want to learn.  You want to cut your losses, but you don’t want to cut them right before they reverse.  You want to take profit, but you don’t want to close it right before it really gets going.   In the end all you know is someone is making a lot of money off these moves and you aren’t it –  My advice – do the Walk-Away analysis, really break it down to different time-frames, find out exactly where your problem area lies.  That will tell you either A) You are exiting too soon or too late, or B) there never was a good exit because you are either getting the market wrong or picking the wrong stocks.   It is either A or B.  Or both.  Using this time to figure out which one is causing you the most pain is the best use of your time right now.

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