Pete wrote:

Last week we discussed selling some OTM puts. That strategy is great right now. RBLX, CRWD, PLTR  and GOOG  were mentioned. All doing good and a nice way to generate some income when the market is in a holding pattern. I would not go overboard with the strategy, but looking for stocks that have a higher low double bottom on D1 in the last few weeks is a great strategy. These stocks did not drop with the market and they have support. 
Last week my wife sold OTM Puts on MRNA SHOP MU FDX ROKU NUE COIN SNOW QCOM GM CI  and AMZN – all expiring Friday.  Only COIN and GM are in danger of being assigned – but as with any Put we sell, I never sell a Put unless I want to own the stock at that cost basis – so I would happy to be assigned – my preference of course would be to collect premium every week and get assigned after I have banked a decent amount on the ticker, but still – each of those stocks are ones that I would like to own.

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