@Senthu and btw – there was a point when I lived in a car, got up in the backseat, no breakfast and went to school where I was about as nerdy as you can get (I just needed a pocket-protector).  So as a kid and all the way until college I was a broke nerd, so I get it – but even then, with my head down into science books wearing hand-me-down raggedy ass clothes, I never for a moment doubted that at some point I was going to be more successful than any of the other kids around me.   So I will tell you this – confidence is everything, and you need it – especially in trading.  Someone said earlier that I trade fearlessly – perhaps, but it is only because I trade with confidence.  I am doing a public challenge, in front of god knows how many people, where I have to hit insanely high returns – but I agreed to do it because I know it can be done and I know I can do it. You can read the Wiki over and over, but more importantly you need to find your confidence  wherever you can get it from, but you need to get it in order to trade successfully.

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