vinny wrote:

trend days are my worst days unfortunately… i just have this nagging thought that the market will drop anytime. Does anyone have tips on how i can overcome this.
I’m the same way.  Today however was one of my best days.  I think it’s zooming out and believing in the overall picture that did it.  We had 3 green days prior to today and no major news events or at least nothing we didn’t already know.  So with a bullish bias all I had to do was keep an eye on the SPY intraday and make sure there wasn’t any concerning bearish signals and just keep on looking for longs all day.  Before the market chooses a direction I’m looking for both RS and RW but today I don’t look for a single short.  We got above yesterday’s high and never dipped back below so why would I?  Every low was a higher low.

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