@BennettN I am still learning and I have the same issue myself.  How I am managing that issue now is this:  Enter trade at $50, but only 1/4 size.  If you’re right and price moves higher, then add 2/4 size and finally full size if price keeps proving you’re correct.  If you enter at $50 and price drops below the minor support, you can still hold until the major support. If it breaks major support then take the loss, but its only 1/4 size so you can handle it.  If it drops near major support but makes a higher low compared to major support and the market is still in your favor then you can still hold OR add 1/4 size.  If price breaks this new higher low then take the loss, still 1/2 size loss so not too bad.  If price keeps moving up and goes pass the minor support then keep adding.  If price makes a lower high and never makes it pass that minor support then you can scratch or make a minor win on the trade. 

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