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Question Meant to ask this earlier but I was at the gym – Hari you were asking for feedback on the chatroom and policies etc. My question is, do volatility plays fall within the RS/RW purview? I haven’t been posting my SPY strangles (on FOMC and direction-less chop days) here or in the reddit chat, but they’ve been consistently profitable, and I know some traders here do them. I would like to learn more about trading volatility and see how others do it.

Good question – this is my thinking on it and tell me if you (or anyone) disagrees – While RS/RW is the foundation of the strategy here, I think underlying rule really is about having a proven strategy that is profitable – Members need to know that when they see a strategy or trade posted here that it isn’t just something thrown against the wall or that someone saw on YouTube but that is has been proven to be consistently profitable.  And from that perspective I don’t personally care what it is – as long as it is proven.  @Dave W has done hundreds of time spreads and shown a clear win-rate over 90% – to me that is something members should see.  OptionStalker was even augmented to include data that helps in identifying these trades.

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