@Collin @lilsgymdan one can certainly use Time Spreads as a source of income, however – there are only so many you can do and it really only applies during earnings season – so that leaves a huge gap of time where you have no income coming in.   As for Credit Spreads they are actually one of the best R/R plays you can make – if you take an OTM Put Credit Spread on a stock with RS, a good D1 and the short strike of the PCS has 2 layers of support above it, you are entering into a very high probability set-up.  The credit you receive for these spreads needs to be a minimum of 25% ROI – which translates into 20 cents for every dollar in the spread – thus a 50 / 49 strike spread would give you a .20 credit whereas a 50 / 45 spread should give you $1.  If you are getting a 25% ROI , you need to win these trades more than 80% of the time.  Around 3 years ago we compiled over 300 of these spreads and members here all put them on – during that time the win-rate was over 94%.  And on the ones where the stock fell below the spread strikes, around half the time we were able to leg out of them successfully and either have no loss or get full credit.  

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