Hariseldon wrote:

One of the biggest issues is impatience – people don’t realize that they really do need to take two years , they need to hit the milestones paper trading and hit them again trading 1 share, they need to learn everything along the way and change a mindset that is often deeply entrenched.  Instead they rush in, start trading and then wonder why it’s not working after months of losses.  
This is me. I came in guns blazing in Jan and Feb and got my ass handed to me. I stopped finally and went back to paper trading. I’m now taking only the best setups (still on paper), and and working my win rate and paper PF up.  In a couple months if I can get my numbers high enough, then I’ll start the 1 share 1 contract step.  I have been watching and learning from all of you. My day will come, and I refuse to give up because I love doing this.  Thank you Hari for your trading grit, your devotion to this community, and your video rants! Thank you Pete for an amazing OS platform, your market commentary and building this community from scratch.  Thank you Dave Wyse and your stoic patience taking on the best trades since I’m now doing the same. 

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