@flowbee IV Crush is specific to earnings.  There are several factors that go into an options price.  Let’s say you have $95 calls expiring in a week for a $100 stock,  that means you can buy the stock at $95.  So technically this should cost $5, right? But instead it’ll cost like $7.50ish.  Well a big part of that is Theta, or time decay.  Let’s say every day is worth .20 cents.  So with 5 trading days left – that’s $1. Ok that gets you to $6.  The next biggest is usually Vega – or Volatility.  The more volatile a stock is projected to be, the more you pay.  Why again? Because if a stock is going to make big moves you could profit a lot (or lose a lot), and you’re paying for that chance.  Right before earning IV is very high, which inflates an option pricing.   So in this example let’s say a full $1.25 of that $7.50 is from IV right before earnings.  But once earnings comes out, it’s not so volatile anymore, after all the big move already happened.  So IV drops , a lot…now instead of contributing $1.25 to the pricing it only contribute .25.  

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