@Harry48 consider this – every day hundreds if not thousands of new traders come in, just like you and see patterns in the market, just like you – they also have some programming and modelling knowledge – also like you. I am sure many are less knowledgeable than you are in this field and I also sure that many are more knowledgeable. Some have few resources at their disposal, while others have an immense of computing and programming power to rely on. All of them have the same goal that you do – automate trading using a set of rules. Now – knowing this – and knowing that if that is every day, that every year the number of people that attempt this is immense – I would challenge you to go find one success. One example of someone that has automated trading and come up with a system so successful they can prove it. And not through some scam or youtube video selling you their wares – but where there is actual proof of this program putting out profitable trades publicly in a consistent manner. You will not find one. You will find sub-reddit and forums dedicated to it, but amongst all those claims and people, not one real example of it actually working. So the first thing you would need to believe is that you can manage to do it where everyone has failed, because they have failed.

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