AwkwardAlien wrote:

Question Does anyone monitor the various sectors for price action (i.e. HA reversals/cont, BB expansion, 3/8 EMA cross) and RS/RW.  Then drill down to those sectors top performers for trade ideas.  I have been toying with an idea of setting alerts for this so I can track when sectors rotate in and out.  I know with the current system we track the net % change for the day and B/S but I was thinking of something more immediate.

Answer  It is good to set alerts on the market, the sector, group or the stock. Alerts at key price points are always good!!! RS/RW is the key to everything we do and there is no substitute for it. Just because a sector or group has a 3/8 cross with expanding BB does not mean it is the best sector to trade. It could be dragged higher by its hair in a market rally and there will be other sectors that are leading the charge. We will start doing more sector and group analysis in the next month and stocks will be categorized according to sector, group and industry, but we will use RS/RW as the basis.

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