TheSwoleTrader wrote:

I was thinking about the trades vs making money debate. Only putting 1/20th of my account size (starting small) on any one trade – a 25% win nets me 1/20th of my monthly salary. So if I increase position size when my win rate increases, i could feasibly make 1/4 of my salary in one win. It really isn’t about the quantity of trades at all. Rough calculations of course
I can only tell you what I do and don’t do – I do not think I have ever thought about what percent of my account is going into any trade – looking back it seems there are times when literally 100% of my entire account went into a single trade and other where it is less than 1% –  I look at my stats and know what 10 trades a day will net me, roughly – The only time I think about how much of my account should go into a trade is when I notice buying power getting low and I want to make sure I have enough there in case a really good set-up comes a long.

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