I get it – they move fast, and they are cheap – perfect combo. Here is the problem – one never knows when to get out – how far down is too far when you have stock that jump 20% in a single candle, if you enter at $6, and it is now at $5, do you bail? Even though you saw it go from $4 to $7 just an hour ago? Do you average down? Ahhhh….it’s volume you say? But wait….volume totally dried up and the stock sat there for two hours doing nothing, and then for no reason whatsoever volume exploded again….so what the hell….?? If you are in a stock like F or CLF and you are down .50….well you know it will take a lot to turn that slow moving grinder around, so the decision is pretty easy to bail – but a stock like MEGL that can go from $5 to $100 in an hour?? Yeah, that is a different story

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