@ican first as an aside – likelihood is one word (I know that sounds obnoxious to correct, but figured it would help you if you use it in the future) – and I hear you and know the feeling – after awhile you actually get sick of the position itself and just want to be rid of it, and then you see it in profit – I had the same feeling with ENVX been holding it for a month and got it for around $9 a contract, averaged it down to about $6.75 – but it has been a stand out RED at the end of each day, and then today it finally went green , actually up around .75 a contract.  I wanted to close it, I really did – but I stopped myself and instead added two more contracts to my position.  And that is what I do now, when I get that urge to close the position that finally made it into profit, I add to it instead – that is the deal I made with myself and I stick to it.

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