@Hariseldon I’ll ask for advice on what to do with this type of trade in the future. I entered a short on IP at $32.24 at 9:03 AM CST, and then added to double my size as it confirmed at $31.60 at 12:00 PM CST. My target on the trade was $31.11 based on a gap fill level on the daily chart. As you can see, the LOD on IP was $31.13, so I never hit that target. I wanted to give the position room to reach my target but it ended up gaining strength and I didn’t exit until $31.86 for a measly $0.07 on the position. When you have trades like this where you come really close to hitting your target and they reverse, do you manage them (i.e. via an adjustment of your mental stop or even a hard trailing stop)?

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