Fishing is a lot like trading. You have to evaluate conditions and adapt. All of your skills come into play and you have to know the patterns of the fish and more importantly, the patterns of the baitfish. If you want to catch fish, you have to follow the bait. If you want to make money trading, you have to follow the money (relative strength).

There are times when you should NOT fish (lightening and fall turnover) and there are times when you should not trade (flat markets with low volume). There are times when you can fish, but conditions are very tough. Low pressure systems and cold fronts right now are not good and this is when Mother Nature separates the boys from the men. The same is true for trading. If you have survived this year, you are about to join an elite group of traders. Most traders have been destroyed by this bear market and the snap back rallies.
A good fishing guide can help you navigate treacherous waters and he will know what the fish are eating and where to find the bait fish. He will also teach you his system. The guide I used for this trip I have known for years. He only guides Monday through Friday and he scouts almost every day after he concludes his trips for a few hours. He is booked a year out.
He puts his customers in high probability situations, but he can’t catch the fish for you.
Your guides in the chat room are the Featured Traders. They help you navigate rough conditions. They use Option Stalker and other tools to evaluate the market and to find the best stocks. It is hard to make money and they can’t do it for you, but they will dramatically increase your odds of success.
The last two days I fished the Upper Mississippi River where Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin meet. It is one of the most beautiful areas you can imagine with 300’ bluffs and expansive wetlands/tributaries. This is typically a good time of year to fish and perch are one of my favorites. I wanted to catch a few meals for the freezer and some fresh air.
I got more fresh air than I bargained for, but I had the right gear. The temps dropped dramatically when I got there and they almost got down to freezing overnight. The winds were gusting to 30+ mph. Needless to say, the fish were shutting down and the conditions were tough.
With the right guide, some skill and persistence, we were able to do well. For those of you who fish, many of these are 13”+. We caught 14-16” fish, but threw those “breeders” back.
I thought I would share this story because of the similarities.
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