drluke wrote:

Basically, there’s nothing wrong with sitting in cash until the market and my thesis match up.  Overtrading destroys retail. Have a thesis, wait for confirmation, then trade what’s in front of me.  Got it and thank you.
That is exactly what you have to do. Your 2 week thesis is your guide. You focus on trades inside that window and you look for confirmation across shorter time frames. When they all agree, you size up. When they start to conflict, you take some of the gains. If they continue to conflict you eventually go to cash and wait. Sometimes your 2 week thesis will change from bearish to bullish when you are in cash and then you have to evaluate and gradually adjust to the new thesis. Sometimes your 2 week  will remain as it was and you gradually start to scale back in when the shorter time frames agree. Use the 1OP H1 and M30 crosses to help you. They are perfect for that time frame.

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