lilsgymdan wrote:

Roughest week I’ve had in months. Came back from a vacation off and just had fear fear fear all week for some reason. Killed on swings and poor discipline. Going back a step, taking it slow and fully analyzing the moves I made that were good vs bad.
Still a lot of really nice trades made this week but taking a week off turned me into a nervous wreck. Does anyone else experience this or is my “trader mind” just not full baked enough yet? This was my first vacation in 3 years
Make sure to take time off. You’ve gone way too long. If you get in the practice of taking time off, coming back will not be as hard and you will have a routine for it. Realize that you came back during what I would consider a tough week. I rarely take time off as well and that is NOT good for you physically or mentally. I took a couple of days off this week and I thought I had a good enough bounce Wed to carry an overnight ES long… wrong. I recovered from it, but it took a couple of days to settle back in. 

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